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  Chemistry in 24 Hours

Are you taking a chemistry course or preparing for a chemistry exam? If you are learning chemistry now, the Chemistry Tips Weekly is for you--it is a one minute learning each week to the chemistry mastery, free for all students. The chemistry tips will include the follwing topics

  • Chemistry survival basics
  • Top ten confusions in chemistry
  • How to ace chemistry exams
  • Your professors' confessions
  • Problem-solving tips in chemisrty
  • Plus much more...
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:: Teach Yourself Organic Chemistry Visually in 24 Hours ::

The entire rapid learning course includes:

  1. 24 Core Concept Tutorials (Flash Movies)
    Concept maps, easy introduction to the topic, concept illustration with annotations and animations, sample problems exlained with step-wise strategies and topic summary.
  2. 24 Problem-Solving Drills (Flash Games)
    Feedback based Quizzes, concept-based problems, summary reviews on all problems and scoring system to track performance.
  3. 24 Super Review Cheat Sheets (PDF Printables)
    One cheat sheet per topic, key concepts in a single-sheet, at-a-glance review of each topic and both printable and luminatable. Ideal for exam prep quick review.


  1. Exclusive membership access for 12 months anytime from anywhere
  2. Master Cheat Sheet – The entire course's key concepts in six pages

Free Preview:

  • To preview the core tutorial, problem drill and cheat sheet on this 24-hour visual series, click the link below to get instance access.
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Organic Chemistry Core Concept Tutorial Series

This series provide simple yet easy-to-understand tutorials in flash movies for core concepts in organic chemistry – the ones that are fundamental yet difficult to master.

Core Unit #1 – The Organic Basics
In this core unit, you will build the basics to the organic chemistry mastery. With these skills, you will build a solid foundation to understand chemistry and its problem solving.

Core Unit #2 – Hydrocarbons
In this core unit, you will learn about the structures and reactions of hydrocarbons

Core Unit #3 – Functional Groups
In this core unit, you will learn the various organic compounds and reactions based on the typical functional groups.

Core Unit #4 – Spectroscopy and Structural Determination
In this core unit, you will learn the various spectroscopies and how they can be used for organic structure determination.

Core Unit #5 – Reactions and Mechanism
In this core unit, you will learn all about the reactions and mechanisms – the core of organic chemistry.

Core Unit #6 – Biomolecules
In this core unit, you will learn all about the biological aspects of organic chemistry.

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