Rapid Learning Affilliate Program

Refer a customer and get paid $24 or more!

Do you have student traffic? Or parent traffic?

If so, we would like to partner with you to benefit from our rapidly growing market of high school and college-level of science and math learning. You can help the students and earn commission at the same time. Simply, for every purchase that you refer, we will pay you $24 in commission per course. If you have higher volume of referrals and also recruit other affiliates, you can earn much higher commission income.

Call us at (877) Rapid-10 or TheAffiliates@chemistry24.com

How to Become an Affiliate

  1. Sign up to enroll into our affiliate program by clicking here.
  2. Promote our educational products on your web site or to your list with your affiliate link.
  3. Start receiving commission checks.


Commisions will be paid at 25% or higher of grand total sales that you refer, depending on your monthly sales volume. All sales must be settled 60 days before eligible for commission payout. Commission checks will be cut on the 15th of the month.

Payout Minimum:

There will be a minimum of $50 payout. Your eligible commission need to be at least $50 in order to get paid.

Table 1: Commision Calculation

Product Type Unit Price Your Commissions (25%)
24-Hour Rapid Courses  $96.00  $24.00
Chemistry or Biology Survival Kit  $49.97  $12.49



  1. Chemistry 24-hour rapid courses ($24 Commission Each)
  2. Physics 24-hour rapid courses ($24 Commission Each)
  3. Biology 24-hour courses ($24 Commission Each)
  4. Mathematics courses (coming soon)
  5. Chemistry Survvial Kit ($12 Commission Each)
  6. Biology Survival Kit ($12 Commission Each)

Affiliate Links

It is highly recommended that you link to a specific product with a specific endorsement of such product to generate target traffic if you want to get the most sales. Don't worry, if the person buys something else while they are shopping, you will still get the commission for everything they buy.


Here is the first part of your link that you will use for all referrals:


REMEMBER! You must substitute your Affiliate ID number for XXXXX. We track your commission by this identification number.


Each product below will have a specific code and page you must add to the above link which will send the customer directly to the product you are promoting: it will look something like &u=http://www.chemistry24.com/

Once you sign up, you will be provided with all the resources needed to promote our products. You can call our affiliate manager during normal business hour for affiliate support (1-877-RAPID-10).

If you wanted to send someone to buy the " Chemistry courses", your link would look like this: You would copy code below from the textbox field and replace "XXXX" with your affiliate ID number so that the commision will be credit to you accordingly by your affiliate identification.

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